The company continues to devote to the research and development of environmental protection new energy nickel-based secondary batteries (hydrogen nickel, iron nickel batteries)




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Teachers and students from Central South University come to our company for an internship visit

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On the morning of July 23, 2018, Professor Tang Yougen, Teacher Peng Zhiguang and Dr. Zhang Qi from Central South University led the juniors from the Department of Applied Chemistry of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to visit the factory. Yang Yufeng, chairman of Chuangli New Energy, personally led everyone to visit the workshops, explaining the manufacturing process, process principles, and application fields of nickel-metal hydride batteries and iron-nickel batteries.


Yang Yufeng, the chairman of Chuangli New Energy, attaches great importance to these far-away professors and scholars, saying that the arrival of his classmates makes him very happy, and hopes that the classmates can use their knowledge and talent to inject new power into new environmentally friendly batteries.

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Professor Tang Yougen of Central South University also said that he is very optimistic about the development prospects of new iron-nickel batteries.

Iron nickel battery is a major invention of Edison more than 100 years ago, also known as Edison battery. Since 2008, the company has spent nearly eight years reshaping iron-nickel batteries.

Application fields of new iron-nickel batteries:

1. Energy storage field, especially large-scale energy storage;

2. Special electric vehicles such as electric forklifts and engineering vehicles;

3. Water transportation areas such as ships, yachts, and submarines;

4. Rail transit and other fields;

5. Military industry field;

6. Low-speed vehicles, field vehicles and public transportation.

The comparative advantages of the new iron-nickel battery compared with other battery systems:

* Than lead acid: environmental protection, long life, weight-to-energy increase of more than 30%; can be abused, can be charged and discharged quickly;

* Than lithium battery: safe and abuseable, more environmentally friendly, low temperature chargeable below 0 ℃, simple BMS system, low comprehensive cost, * useable in steps, renewable resources, sustainable development;

* Than NiMH: low cost, can be abused, more environmentally friendly, does not rely on rare earth materials;

* Compared with other iron and nickel: less maintenance, high specific energy, fast charging and fast discharging, excellent low temperature performance, patent monopoly, 4 enterprise standards

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Farewell group photo:

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Professor Tang Yougen of Central South University

He is currently a second-level professor and doctoral supervisor of Central South University, director of the Institute of Chemical Power Sources and Materials, director of the Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Chemical Power Sources, and director of the Metal Fuel Cell Engineering Technology Center.

Mainly engaged in teaching, research and development of advanced batteries, new energy materials and applied electrochemistry. He has undertaken more than 10 national key scientific and technological research projects, national "863" high-tech plan projects, National Natural Science Foundation projects, the PLA's weapons and equipment high-tech engineering projects, and major bidding and technology transfer projects for enterprises. It has won 12 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards and 20 national invention patents. Published 5 monographs and teaching materials, published more than 300 academic papers in important domestic and foreign journals, Ei and Sci retrieved more than 200 papers. He won the Outstanding Teacher Award of Baosteel Education Fund in 2000 and the Outstanding Teacher Award of Xinheng Education Fund in 2014.

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