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Comrade Wang Shaoli, our young cadre, won the "Xinxiang May 1st Labor Award" honorary medal

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Vigorously carry forward the spirit of model workers and strive to be a struggler in the new era!

On April 29, the Xinxiang City's May 1st International Labor Day and May 1st Labor Awards Commendation Ceremony held by Xinxiang City Federation of Trade Unions was held in Xinxiang City Plain Culture and Art Center. The leaders of the district trade unions and the city's advanced individuals and collective representatives awarded the "May 1 Labor Medal", "May 1 Labor Certificate", "Worker Pioneer" and other titles participated in this commendation conference.

The meeting was chaired by Zhang Guixiang, chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, who read the "Xinxiang City Federation of Trade Unions' Decision on Commending the May Day Labor Award and Worker Pioneer of Xinxiang City" (Xin Gong Zi [2019] No. 57). Comrade Wang Shaoli of our company won the honorary title of “Xinxiang May 1st Labor Medal”.


Comrade Wang Shaoli joined Chuangli Company as an assembly plant operator in 2008. In September 2010, he transferred to the cylindrical battery workshop to learn from an ordinary employee. He grew up step by step, and successively served as the team leader and the company's labor union member. Since March 2016, he has been the deputy director and director of the cylindrical battery workshop.

In 2018, the output of cylindrical battery workshops increased by 47.8% compared to 2017 and 8.7 times higher than in 2015. The workshop won the company's advanced unit title for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018.

Comrade Wang Shaoli, as the leader of the nickel-metal hydride cylindrical battery workshop, has made great efforts to increase output and has achieved great results, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

One is to lead by example, preach by example, and ask employees to do it first. In 2016, the company purchased automated production equipment. During the equipment installation and commissioning, it carefully learned the equipment installation, commissioning, and maintenance knowledge, timely resolved the faults during the production process, improved the equipment operation skills, and became familiar with the performance, operation, and maintenance requirements of each equipment. , Which greatly improves the equipment utilization.

The second is patience, meticulousness and tirelessness. Due to the expansion of the production scale and the increase of production equipment, new employees are constantly added. For each new employee, she can impartlessly teach her work skills and requirements, so that new employees can be familiar in the shortest time operating.

The third is based on their own duties and the courage to dedicate. In order to ensure production, they spend a lot of time eating and living in factories, giving up a lot of rest time, and devoting themselves to work. When orders are urgently requested, production can be reasonably arranged, the equipment can be kept for 24 hours without any breaks, and the company can effectively support the company's sales target tasks.

Comrade Wang Shaoli said: In the Creativity family, there are still many employees like me, and I am very honored to receive this honor. I will use this as a starting point to continue to work hard for the development of Creativity and strive to make more Contribution!

This time, Comrade Wang Shaoli won the prize with other comrades in the city, which reflects the good looks of laborers in various industries who love their jobs, work hard, and be brave to advance. Chuangli New Energy is here to contribute to the company's construction, and to work in The broad masses of workers in all walks of life and industry extend their cordial holiday greetings and high respects! I wish you all a happy May Day!

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