The company continues to devote to the research and development of environmental protection new energy nickel-based secondary batteries (hydrogen nickel, iron nickel batteries)




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NI-MH3.6V60mAh Ni-MH button battery combination

[Product category] : Ni-MH button battery combination

[Product description] : TROILY 3.6V NI-MH60mAh, three 60mAh button-type battery column combination, single battery 1.2V, capacity 60mAh, diameter 15 ...

[Scope of Service] : We specialize in the production of iron-nickel batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, nickel-metal hydride cylindrical batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, and nickel-hydrogen cylindrical batteries.

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Henan Chuangli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, focusing on the research and development and production of nickel-based environmental protection new energy batteries-nickel-metal hydride batteries and iron-nickel batteries.

,三只60mAh扣式电池柱式组合 TROILY 3.6V NI-MH60mAh , three 60mAh button battery post combinations

Single battery 1.2V, capacity 60mAh, diameter 15.6mm, height 6mm.

Can be customized according to requirements design, welding pads, etc.

type of battery

Ni-MH environmental protection battery, button-type rechargeable battery

Battery performance

镍氢扣式电池采用特殊的封口设计和密封技术,精选高能电池专用材料,有良好的防漏性能,电压稳定,电容量充足,耐低温,耐冲击。 TROILY Ni-MH button battery uses special sealing design and sealing technology, selected high-energy battery special materials, good leakage resistance, stable voltage, sufficient capacity, low temperature resistance, impact resistance.

Bright and clean appearance, small size, light weight, no corrosion and rust.

Long life: Under normal use, the cycle life is greater than 500 cycles

Smooth discharge curve: when 0.1C is discharged to 100%, the voltage of each battery can still be maintained above 1.2V

High adaptability: any battery pack can be formed according to customer requirements to meet the requirements of user products

Made with advanced technology, low internal resistance, fast charging, and good anti-abuse performance

Low self-discharge, high capacity and stable performance

Battery use

It can be used as timer battery, solar lawn light battery, solar meter battery, etc. It is widely used in microcomputer controllers, hand torches, solar lamps, small portable rechargeable products, etc.

Custom combination

Powerful manufacturers can design and customize various battery combinations, welding leads and leads, which can be combined into different battery groups: 2.4V, 3.6V, 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, etc. Shapes (plum blossom, triangle), convex type, and column shape can be designed according to requirements.


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