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3.6VAAA600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack

[Product category] : Ni-MH cylindrical battery combination

[Product description] : 3.6V Ni-MHAAA600, composed of three Ni-MHAAA600 rechargeable batteries, can be used in children's electric toys, solar lamps, electronic appliances ...

[Scope of Service] : We specialize in the production of iron-nickel batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, nickel-metal hydride cylindrical batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, and nickel-hydrogen cylindrical batteries.

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battery model

,由三只Ni-MHAAA600可充电电池组合而成。 3.6V Ni-MHAAA600 , composed of three Ni-MHAAA600 rechargeable batteries.

,表示镍氢电池,AAA代表7号电池,AA即5号电池,600表示容量为600mAh。 Ni-MH stands for Ni-MH battery, AAA stands for battery No. 7, AA stands for battery No. 5, and 600 stands for 600mAh.

The voltage of a single nickel-metal hydride battery is 1.2V. If it is a combined battery, it is a multiple of 1.2. For example, 2.4V is a combination of two batteries, 3.6V is a combination of three, and so on.

NiMH cylindrical batteries are divided into flat caps and pointed caps (flat and pointed). Flat cap batteries can be used for spot welding of leads, leads, and design combinations.

Battery size:

Rechargeable Ni-MH 7 AAA battery with a diameter of about 10.5mm and a height of about 44.5mm

Rechargeable Ni-MH 5 AA battery with a diameter of about 14.5mm and a height of about 50.5mm

type of battery

Ni-MH environmental protection battery, cylindrical type, rechargeable battery pack

Battery performance


镍氢电池具有容量高、内阻低,一致性好,耐过充过放,抗滥用性佳,循环寿命长、绿色环保等优点。 TROILY nickel-metal hydride batteries have the advantages of high capacity, low internal resistance, good consistency, resistance to overcharge and discharge, good resistance to abuse, long cycle life, and environmental protection.

使用寿命:正常情况下,循环寿命超过500次; 1. Service life: Under normal circumstances, the cycle life exceeds 500 times;

使用范围:可在-20~70℃环境下工作; 2. Use range: can work in the environment of -20 ~ 70 ℃;

自放电小:荷电保持能力超过IEC标准; 3. Small self-discharge: the charge retention ability exceeds the IEC standard;

应急适应能力强:在应急情况下,可以在1~6小时内迅速充电。 4. Strong emergency adaptability: In emergency situations, it can be quickly charged within 1 to 6 hours.


Battery use

Can be applied to solar lamps, electronic gifts, lawn lights, mosquito killer lights, LED lights, shavers, power tools, bottle openers, telephones, floor sweepers, emergency lights and children's electric toys, etc.

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