The company continues to devote to the research and development of environmental protection new energy nickel-based secondary batteries (hydrogen nickel, iron nickel batteries)




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Iron nickel battery

[Product Category] : New iron-nickel battery

[Product description] : The company has obtained 8 invention patents and 6 utility model patents in the new iron-nickel battery, and has independent intellectual property rights.

[Scope of Service] : We specialize in the production of iron-nickel batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, nickel-metal hydride cylindrical batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, and nickel-hydrogen cylindrical batteries.

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- 五大创新亮点 Patented core technology - five innovation highlights

新型负极材料及配方; 1. New anode materials and formulas;

新型正极板结构; 2. New type cathode plate structure;

新型隔膜的应用; 3. Application of new diaphragm;

防短路自动补液系统; 4. Anti-short circuit automatic fluid replacement system;

一体式模块化电池设计 5.Integrated modular battery design


Some characteristic parameters of new iron nickel battery



Comparative advantages of TROILY and other battery systems

30% 以上;可滥用、可快充快放 Than lead acid: environmental protection, long life, weight specific energy increased by more than 30% ; can be abused, can be quickly charged

0 ℃以下低温可充电, BMS 系统简单,综合成本低,梯次可利用,资源可再生,发展可持续 Than lithium battery: safe and abuseable, more environmentally friendly, chargeable at low temperature below 0 ℃, simple BMS system, low comprehensive cost, available steps, renewable resources, sustainable development

Than NiMH: low cost, can be abused, more environmentally friendly, does not rely on rare earth materials

4 项企业标准 Less than other iron and nickel: less maintenance, high specific energy, fast charge and discharge, excellent low temperature performance, patent monopoly, 4 enterprise standards


New iron-nickel: the choice of energy storage and power batteries

Environmental protection without pollution

Foolproof maintenance

Security abuse


1-2h fast charging

High-temperature charging and excellent workability

No fire cost, high performance ratio


Replaces most lead-acid, nickel-cadmium batteries:

2倍,铅酸电池的2-5倍; The service life is 2 times that of nickel-cadmium batteries and 2-5 times that of lead-acid batteries;

2-4小时率快速充电; Achieve fast charging in 2-4 hours;

环保电池,彻底解决有害重金属污染。 The environmentally friendly battery in the secondary battery system completely solves the harmful heavy metal pollution.


Complementary advantages with lithium batteries:

AGV车、舰船、大规模储能等; Safe and environmentally friendly storage batteries, eliminate secondary pollution, eliminate potential safety hazards, and form complementary advantages with lithium batteries in areas with high safety requirements, such as forklifts, AGV vehicles, ships, large-scale energy storage, etc .;

120%-140%; Fe-Ni battery has a range of 120% -140% of lithium battery per kilowatt- hour;

BMS Resistant to abuse without BMS

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