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Iron nickel battery

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[Product description] : The company has obtained 8 invention patents and 6 utility model patents in new iron-nickel batteries, with independent intellectual property rights, possesses industrial production capacity, and has advanced technology level at home and abroad. 2...

[Scope of Service] : We specialize in the production of iron-nickel batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, nickel-metal hydride cylindrical batteries, nickel-metal hydride button batteries, and nickel-hydrogen cylindrical batteries.

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Iron nickel battery is a major invention of Edison more than 100 years ago, also known as Edison battery. 2008年始,公司用了十多年时间重塑铁镍电池, 经重塑的新型铁镍电池是目前二次电池体系当中环保、安全、易回收利用的可持续发展的电池 Since 2008, the company has spent more than ten years reshaping iron-nickel batteries. The remodeled new iron-nickel batteries are environmentally-friendly, safe, and easily recyclable sustainable batteries in the current secondary battery system .

Application fields of new iron-nickel batteries

1. Energy storage field, especially large-scale energy storage;

2. Special electric vehicles such as electric forklifts and engineering vehicles;

3. Water transportation areas such as ships, yachts, and submarines;

4. Rail transit and other fields;

5. Military industry field;

6. Low-speed vehicles, field vehicles and public transportation.


The battery is expected to be a new energy storage and power battery that replaces lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium open-cell batteries, and is complementary to lithium batteries .

Compared with the traditional iron-nickel battery, the new iron-nickel battery improves or solves the problem.

铁负极克容量问题; 1. Gram capacity of iron anode;

镍正极的寿命问题; 2. The life of nickel cathode;

快速充放电问题; 3. Fast charging and discharging problems;

富液型电池的防短路自动补液问题; 4. Anti-short circuit automatic rehydration of liquid-rich batteries;

-25°C低温放电问题; 5. -25 ° C low temperature discharge problem;

0°C以下低温充电问题; 6. Low temperature charging problem below 0 ° C;

比功率、比能量问题 7. Specific power and specific energy issues

It retains the advantages of safety, environmental protection, long life, and resistance to abuse.

- 五大创新亮点 Patented core technology - five innovation highlights

新型负极材料及配方; 1. New anode materials and formulas;

新型正极板结构; 2. New type cathode plate structure;

新型隔膜的应用; 3. Application of new diaphragm;

防短路自动补液系统; 4. Anti-short circuit automatic fluid replacement system;

一体式模块化电池设计 5.Integrated modular battery design


Some characteristic parameters of new iron nickel battery


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